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Collaborate with us and get Donation Tokens without waiting!
Instant delivery and does not require you to do anything else.
A donation by paypal and your tokens directly to your character. Fast and safe.

You need to be logged in order to get or use Donation Tokens, log here!

You can get a VIP account:
- You benefit from an increase of 50% of incoming EXP and SP for all the characters in your account, you can extend it as many times as you want.
- Instantly activated, get VIP account and connect to the game and enjoy.

Other not automatic privileges that you can get with Donation Tokens by sending an email to are:
- Color nickname of your choose for life (red tones not available): 2 token.
- Clan name change: 2 Donation Tokens.
- Alliance name change: 2 Donation Tokens.
- Secure character exchange with another player (2 Donation Token = 1 by character).

If you have any questions you can contact us.

You can also exchange your Donation Tokens in Samantha Carter NPC (Donation Manager):

You can buy hats, quest items, enchants, change your class, get some cool star wars sabers and much more!