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- News -

Forced client update por L2ES Nov 16th 2020
Tonight we are going to apply a modification to our servers that require you to update the client so all those who are not used to connect with the updater do it today or you won't be able to enter the game. Thanks!

We're celebrating our anniversary! 13 years! por L2ES Jun 1st 2019
We're celebrating our anniversary! This Monday 3rd our server will be online for exactly 13 years.

To celebrate from now until the 9th we have DOUBLE EXP/SP/DROP and letters event, the same event that inaugurated the server on June 3, 2006.

Thanks to all of you who are still with us, 13 years is a long time and it is thanks to you, let's go for the 14th!

Big update! May 20th 2019
Today we have introduced hundreds of improvements and corrections.
Run and check out all the news we bring you today!

Merge Antharas -> Valakas por L2ES May 20th 2018
Tomorrow, Monday at 7am, Antharas chars/clans/alliances will be transfered to Valakas.

Everything is transfered: characters, clans, alliances, inventories, warehouse, shortcuts.

In case of conflict with an existing character/clan/alliance, "N-" will be added prior to the name. For these cases you can request a free name change by email.
Antharas clans will lose their CHs but will be granted a lifetime Manager NPC which provide buffs, teleport, etc., until they can get a CH.

Please note that if there are more than 7 characters in the same account (Valakas+Antharas together), you will not be able to see the characters over the 7th in-game (but you can via website), for these cases we offer to move the characters for free to another account on your request.

If you notice any problems with the transfer, do not hesitate to report the problem via email to

Valakas rates will be increased to x5.

Lineage2.ES T-Shirts por L2ES March 14th 2018
Lineage2.ES T-shirts have arrived! Look at our shop, choose your color and style: shop

As a promotion we are giving away 2 t-shirts on Facebook!

Merry Christmas! December 25th 2017
Lineage2.ES wishes you a Merry Christmas! Santa Claus bring us DOUBLE EXP until January 7th!

EVENT: Zaken's Curse Oct 6th 2017
Along this event you'll find cursed pigs, when you cure a cursed pig, you'll get Apigas. Collect as many Apiga and Golden Apiga as you can!
The event begins on October 6 and ends on October 15. Happy cursed-pig hunting, and good luck!

Double EXP! Sep 8th 2017
From now until Sunday: DOUBLE EXP, DOUBLE SP and DOUBLE DROP.
Take advantage of this event with your friends!

New server High Five x10 Mar 28th 2017



High Five x10 - Retail experience - L2OFF
Grand Opening: 21.04.2017 20:00 CEST

Quest EXP/SP: x6 - Safe enchant: 3
VIP account (+50% EXP and SP)
NPC buffer for vote points
Auto-pick (cmd to enable/disable)
Free offline shop
Olympiad period each 15 days
Cursed weapons disabled first 15 days


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Free VIP account L2ES Mar 11th 2017
FOR FREE! This weekend FREE VIP account for everyone! +50% extra EXP and SP!

Do you want more? You can add more time from your account!

Heart Event until Feb 19th L2ES Feb 4th 2017
Sprockets the Cat, the faithful servant of Dr. Chaos, is in the villages of Aden and Elmore to play a game with adventurers who collect and trade pieces of hearts. Nine different heart pieces will drop from monsters throughout the world. Collect one of each piece in order to try your chances at a rock, paper, scissors game with Sprockets the Cat.

Merry Christmas! Dec 24th 2016
Merry Christmas and best wishes from Lineage2.ES! Santa came and delivered the best present! DOUBLE EXP for everyone until January 8th!