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How to play Lineage2.ES [High Five]

How to play Lineage2.ES [High Five]:
  1. Download Lineage 2 High Five from here.
  2. Install the client you downloaded in the previous step and do not update or execute the game before doing the next steps.
  3. Download our installer from here. Mirror for download: here
  4. Execute our installer and make sure you choose the same directory in witch you have installed Lineage 2 High Five in the step 2.
  5. Create an account.
  6. Start the game by clicking a desktop shortcut called "Play L2GlobalNET".

If you are looking for others mirrors to download Lineage 2 High Five look at our forum

If you have troubles with the installer/updater you can try downloading the full patch from here.

Some antivirus may complain that some files in our patch are virus, but don't worry — it's a false positive, you might need however to create an exception in your antivirus to exclude L2ES folder inside your L2 installation.