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Vote Lineage2.ES

Help the server grow by voting, remember to do it daily!

Vote for us in HopZone Vote for us in TopZone
Vote Lineage2.ES
Vote Lineage2.ES

Now with prizes for voting!
Once you vote in HopZone and Topzone you can score points.
You can only vote once every 12 hours (once by IP/account).

Each month we raffle:
- 1 award of 10 Donation Tokens
- 3 awards of 2 Donation Tokens
- 5 awards of 1 Donation Token

-> I have already voted, give me my points! <-

For each point you increase your chances, each time you vote you get 10 points.
At the end of the month if you have not being awarded your points will be reset and you will have until 2th to use that points.
Or if you prefer you can exchange your points (10.000 Adena or a buff coin each point) at any time.